News Day for Century Eggs

When pickles make the news, good news is the exception (exhibit one: Xi Jinping eats Zhacai).

This week its bad news. According to reports from state run media, century eggs (IPA: pi.tan; Simplified Chinese: 皮蛋; pinyin: pídàn) are processed at many Jiangxi facilities using industrial copper sulphate to expedite the food processing time.

Bottom line? Industrial copper sulphate contains heavy metals. No immediate threat from consumption, but long term consumption will lead to build up of heavy metals in the body.

For English coverage, see this article in the South China Morning Post.

The original Chinese reports:
China National Radio (streaming audio)
工业硫酸铜腌出”毒皮蛋” 监管缺失致问题食品防不胜防_中国广播网
CCTV (streaming video)
[视频]皮蛋食品安全调查 江西南昌:工业硫酸铜腌制皮蛋违规难检测


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