Here, I list links to what other people have written about how to make these foods and ingredients. As you begin exploring the history and techniques of Chinese food preservation, you might want to consult some of these other sources as to how these foods are made by different people, in different places, with different ingredients.


Starting from Scratch
How to make Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables 醃酸菜  by Taiwan Duck

Sichuanese Paocai

Paocai (General)
几种四川泡菜的做法 (Three Methods for Making Sichuanese Paocai)

Stem mustard
详细图解四川芥菜泡菜的做法 (A Detailed Pictorial Guide to Making Sichuanese Paocai with Stem Mustard)


Kunming Style Dry Fermented Mustard Greens
云南酸菜的做法 (Recipe for Yunnan Suancai)Translation by Reputable Sources

Fermented Chinese Long Beans
如何腌出爽脆的酸豆角【开胃酸豆角】(Sour Chinese Long Beans) by QQ北鼻