News Day for Cured Fish

Monday was another bad day for preserved foods in China.

According to Guangzhou’s Yangcheng Evening News, fisherman outside Foshan are curing dead fish using industrial salts. The fish are cut into strips and laid out on mats to dry in the summer heat.

In the drying process, flies become a problem. But these inventive food processors haven’t let problems like dead fish and expensive food-grade salts from preventing applied a new technique to prevent maggots from infesting their drying fish: insecticides.

Guangzhou’s Yangcheng Evening News:
广东三水渔民被曝用臭死鱼做鱼干 喷杀虫剂驱蝇

June 24th CCTV Segment:
广东佛山:腌制鱼干竟用私盐加农药 剧毒农药喷洒鱼干 执法人员称无监管标准